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  • FVC trading inc.

Our Business

Our mission is to develop and advance Japanese food culture by supplying businesses from around the world with high-quality raw materials and processed foods. With close to 1000 global partners, including Japan, we can source and produce at the most competitive prices in the market.

Our biggest strength is product development through our expansive global network, which gives us the advantageous ability to plan, develop, manufacture, and sell customized developments (OEM) in small lots to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We do not end our services after-sales. Our suppsort continues with services such as training on how to best utilize our products to menu creation. We believe these post-sale services encourage chefs to develop their skills further, thus creating an environment where they will thrive.

At FVS Trading, everything we do and love is for our clients and their success.

Company Profile

Company name FVC trading inc.
CEO Kenichi Yagi
Address 21151 S Western Ave 141, Torrance CA, CA90501 USA
Tel 630-696-0466
E-mail info@fvctrading.com